About Us

A Little About Me

Hi, it’s nice to meet you! My name is Dan, and I am the founder of LANGOV. Here is a little bit of background into my life and how I came to create this company. 

I grew up in a small town in North Carolina. From the time I was small, I loved to play sports. My two brothers and I would drive my parents crazy, because we were always outside playing baseball and basketball instead of doing our homework. 

When I was in high school, I stood out as an athlete, and was made captain of the basketball team. My coach was very supportive of me, and he helped me get into college on an athletic scholarship, which is not easy to do coming from a small town that hardly anybody has heard of. 

Playing sports, I always wore compression clothing, because it is essential to prevent you from getting injured. I always felt that there was something lacking in the compression clothes that I wore. After I finished college, I got a job, married my college girlfriend and settled down; however, I was still very active in sports. With the support of my wife, I decided to create the best compression equipment for athletes such as myself, but also suited for everybody during any activity.


The Beginning

I began my journey by doing research. I researched materials, the science of compression, different body shapes, etc. I tested the different products on myself and a group of friends, all of whom are also very active in sports. I tested strangers of different age groups and health conditions, to make sure that my product was truly the best for all types of people for all types of activities. 

It didn’t happen overnight. A lot of time and effort was put into this journey. In the end though, I am confident that I have created the best products for overall support.


Our Goal

Our goal at LANGOV is to provide the optimal products for our customers, giving them support in their everyday lives to perform their tasks and recover from injuries.  Our only goal is customer satisfaction, since we make the products for our customers. The company is based on trust, honesty and supporting each other like we do with family. Our goal is to show that in our products, and for our customers to feel that with us.